Gulf Biotech Company is committed to provide and supply highly quality cost effective products and services to our customers. We have clearly defined our quality path and our highly skilled teams are very well trained to actually implement or offer in best possible way. We are very flexible in product development and offering new products purely based on customized approach. Our teams are ready to develop new products in Vials, Ampoules, Prefilled Syringes and Cartridges with best quality possible. We believe that “we understand the business” and through our “customized approach with best quality” will make Gulf Biotech Company world leading Pharmaceutical company. We focus on our internal and external customers requirement and our teams are fully dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction.


Quality management system and its implementation is our foremost concern. We believe in building the quality right from the selection of candidates, machinery, selection of vendors  and selection of raw materials.  All materials including active, inactive, excipients or packaging materials throughout the whole manufacturing process are chosen as best quality. Our quality management policy and its implementation is strongly backed by our highly skilled teams. We have developed continuous training programs, not only to update experienced teams but also to train newly integrated teams.


Gulf Biotech has state of the art production facility and all our finished formulations are manufactured to comply with international requirements with validated systems and checks in place in compliance with US FDA standards. We have a very well defined quality assurance system, very well documented and operated & handled by highly skilled professional at Gulf Biotech. Our very well implemented quality management system actually enabled us to provide high quality and cost effective healthcare products.  Our highly trained Quality assurance officers perform systematic sampling and testing at every stage starting from sampling and dispensing of raw materials, all intermediate steps are carefully checked and our QA team assures the quality of the product at each step, and till the completion of finished product, our teams assure the quality of products manufactured at Gulf Biotech facility.

We are eager to achieve the highest standards of quality by inculcating quality culture at Gulf Biotech and commit ourselves to the highest standards in our products and services. We believe in sustainability and continuity, our teams are dedicated to continuously improving the quality of our products which we proudly offer to our customers.