Gulf biotech adopts the Corporate Governance Code of the Kingdom of Bahrain and BOD approved
guidelines which provides guidance to companies on the best ways to manage, lead, organise and monitor
their businesses through a series of transparent, clearly defined policies and procedures, Governance aims
to establish a system that governs and controls the companies’ businesses and practices in order to create
efficient institutions which contribute to building a strong, transparent and competitive national economy
for the purpose of reducing any adverse effects on the national economy, acting parties and local community
due to not committing to the best practices in managing joint stock companies.

Gulf Biotech Shareholders Rights

  1. The right to transfer ownership.
  2. To receive dividends, ( if declared ).
  3. To receive the annual process reports, the annual financial reports and Articles of associations.
  4. To attend and be represented in the general meeting of the shareholders.
  5. To receive proportionate part of the Company’s assets in case of liquidation.