The Board of Directors of Gulf Biotech Company B.S.C. Closed (GBC) follows the approved and written guidelines of corporate governance. The Board of Directors at GBC is responsible to take key decisions for effective functioning of corporate system and to manage the Business in best way possible within the available resources. Through and by the Board, Business functioning related responsibilities are delegated to Managing Director for the smooth and effective functioning of day to day business.

Board of Directors at GBC is responsible to oversee the following functional trends of the company:

1. Operating performance and financial condition of the Company

2. All bodies and committees of the company following the corporate governance standards.

On the Financial side, Board is responsible for approving significant transactions, major investment decision for expansion or takeover new businesses and establishing the strategic direction of the Company.

The Board itself has developed these Guidelines as a framework for its functions for the effective operations, company smooth functioning and for the long term Business growth of the GBC. The Board is also responsible to review the corporate governance directions periodically and amend if required, as per corporate functional requirement to ease the company operations.


GBC is a healthcare company highly focused on developing, manufacturing and supply of Pharmaceutical Products. both therapeutic classes of products actually strengthen the quality of health and enable people to live and enjoy life with great potential. We believe on ” healthy people, wealthy society”.

GBC sales and marketing teams keep close communications with healthcare professionals to understand the day to day needs and challenges in patient treatment and cure the diseases. our technical teams collect the feedback received from healthcare professionals and develops products to meet the current need of healthcare market and healthcare institutions. in collaboration and partnership with health professionals, we set excellent performance and quality standards which actually can be seen through improved healthcare situation in the Bahrain.

We conduct programs and event to provide up to date information to healthcare professionals with best integrated way. well informed doctors with best and wide range of medicine available, ultimately helps to cure the diseases at their first diagnosis in efficient way.

Customer Focus: our teams focus on the actual feedback and response from market. our teams communicate with patients and doctors to record the response of our products and ultimate impact of product on end users.

Best Quality – We take pain and do extra effort to get the very best results, we follow and apply the highest standards to all that we perform.

Best Brains – We believe on best team building, best brains and best learned skills bring quality to our work. We seek talent.

Collaboration & Partnerships:  We do external collaborations and partnerships to share the best knowledge, best technologies to produce high quality products. We are also committed internally with our teams and provide them knowledge platforms to share their knowledge and skills as a team to achieve best quality in production and delivery.