We define technology as, the best use of available knowledge within available resources, develop and apply of best systems and best use of tools and machinery to produce high quality products at affordable price. At Gulf Biotech, we use and apply advance technologies not only in core production but also starting from the reception of materials, material handling, dispensing, goods production, packaging and dispatching of finished goods. We have an advance digital systems fully integrated with all operations at Gulf Biotech. Gulf Biotech is equipped with in-house data center to record all operational actives.

Gulf Biotech is equipped with advance security surveillance system with 6 month record keeping capacity of core operation areas. At Gulf Biotech, Each room has controlled access through swipe card system. All entries and exits are monitored and digitally recorded in data center. We believe that advance Pharmaceutical technologies contributed a lot to enhance the efficacy of the drugs, decreasing the frequency of adverse effects and lesser complicated dosage systems. Technological factors, actually increase patient compliance to the prescribed drugs and ultimately we can see the human life is in better shape as compared to last century. As per the market reports, most of the Pharmaceutical companies are adopting advance technologies for the production of medicines. There are many associated benefits of technologies including:

Potencies of each products are much more accurate and the usage of drugs is regulated in cost effective way.

Drug delivery system has been improved significantly.

Pharmaceutical technology allow us to manufacture sustained or prolonged-release of drugs thereby reducing the frequency of administration of drug which ultimately reduces the side effects.

With the help of new methods and technology drugs are enough pleasant in taste as compared to past.

New Pharmaceutical technologies helped significantly to improve the shelf life of products and to prevent drug from biological degradation.

Considering the advantages of new technological trend in Pharma Industry, Gulf Biotech has invested a good money for technological advance system and we are committed to apply new technologies as much as relevant to our systems. Our main purpose is not to reduce the job by automating systems but our main goal is to produce error free safest medicine to cure the patients.