According to the report, Pharmaceutical market in the middle east is valued at more than 9 Billion UDS with expected growth over 10% annually. beside the political and economic unrest, middle east market experiencing a positive shift and especially Pharmaceutical market is becoming highly attractive for new investors. In history, middle east market was always an import base market for the branded generic products. as of today, volume is import market is still very high and local manufacturers contribution is less than a quarter of the total market value. keeping in mind that Bahrain is the smallest market on Pharmaceutical product, Gulf Biotech took initiative to invest capital for the building of a medicine and Nutraceutical production facility. Gulf Biotech Business structure is based on export market and being Saudi as biggest market in GCC is our prime focus. Connection through road between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia is a big advantage to supply medicine relatively at better price.

The Business model of Bahrain Pharma is bases on “Service Oriented” concept to serve the market. We are highly focused on the needs of healthcare institutions and patients. our marketing teams are also communicate with health professionals to understand the patients requirement and to provide a better choice of medicine to doctors as well.


In order to meet the day to day changing market demand, Gulf Biotech understand the value of partnership to establish distribution channels across the market. we have a good history of collaboration and licensing agreements. We manage each partnership based on its needs. In order to serve the market in effective way and to keep running machineries of Gulf Biotech, we are open with different marketing and partnership models. Companies, distributors and agents are welcome to contact us for following sectors:

1. For Contract Manufacturing

2. For Authorized Products Distribution in your market

3. For Authorized agencies with capacity to deal with MOHs of your country



We are focusing on developing and bringing dynamism to Gulf Biotech team to meet day to day increasing global competitions in the Pharmaceutical Sector. We are also focusing on new product development and developing the conventional solid dosage products in the form of sterile products. We are also seeking for innovative health care solutions to enhance the system efficiency. We strictly follow corporate ethics and code of conduct. We believe our success as Pharmaceutical manufacturer depends on having a highly motivated and experienced team.


We have selected the best technologies available for high quality production. Efficient, less time consuming and cost effectiveness are the clear and well defined criteria for the selection of new method or technology.


Our teams are working to create a knowledge based community and network. At Gulf Biotech, We make sure for the efficient and easy transfer of information between departments of the company. Training sessions and lectures on different topics are organized on regular basis where internal and external experts from different companies share their experiences and knowledge about the medical science. We have another level of connectivity where our teams visits civil society, meet people, arrange combined literary programs, camping, walks for cancer awareness are some of the examples of our social connectivity.


Gulf Biotech vision is to create a vast network of the patients suffering from severe diseases, where the patients will be connected with best specialists and health institutions available to cure those diseases, through video conferences between patients and overseas specialists to discuss their problems and to find directions to treat their diseases. The aim of this platform is to help patients to get best diagnosis and treatment of their health problems.