1. Client does not encourage or engage or use any child labor under any circumstances.

2. Client does not encourage or engage or use forced labor in any form prison, bonded etc,

3. Client does not encourage or engage or force its employees to submit cash or asserts as guarantee on starting work

4. Client has taken safety precautions at work place and providing a safe and non-hazardous working environment to employees. Client’s work place has proper sanitation system, clean water and hygienic eating place.

5. In case of any emergency, Client provides emergency healthcare assistance and takes care of costs for treatment of employee.

6. Client has no discrimination policy on any grounds including Nationality, gender, race, sect, religion or any disability.

7. Client does not encourage or engage or use any physical, mental or verbal abuse at its work place.

8. Client pays at least the minimum wages set by the local government.

9. Client provides all benefits mandated by ministry of labor or any assigned Government body of the Client’s country of operations.

10. Client obeys the government law on working hours and each employee is hired under proper written contract.

11. Employees are treated in respectful way at client’s work place.

12. The client controls its own supply chain in compliance with ethical standards and considers human rights.

13. Client takes responsibility to check the implementation of code of conduct and market ethics of any subsequent supplier used by Client to fulfill its obligations to the Bahrain Pharma.

14. Client takes responsibility to check the compliance of environmental laws and regulations (if applicable) when performing its obligations to Gulf Biotech.

15. Client takes precautionary step to minimize the waste generated.

16. Client will not, directly or indirectly, make any payment or offer or promise any benefit or transfer anything or any value to employees of Gulf Biotech, or any government official or any government body, or any political party, for the purpose or getting the Business and influence the decisions.


Gulf Biotech business is structured and run on certain standards approved by the Board as “Company code of Conduct”. Gulf Biotech is highly committed to run the business in compliance with applicable Laws, rules and regulations and on the top of these Gulf Biotech conducting “Business with best Business Ethics”. Our Business Ethics are applicable on all employees of Gulf Biotech including Board of Directors, Consultants, senior management and all technical and non-technical staff who signed contract with company. Gulf Biotech believes in following “code of conduct” strictly under all circumstances and all our staff are contractually bound to follow the procedures that govern the Business in a fare and ethical way.

Beside the strict following code of conduct, Gulf Biotech Staff, Officers, Directors and Board members are responsible to create a work friendly environment and a unique corporate culture where the concept of “Business with Ethics” become an unconditional and understood phenomenon.

Gulf Biotech’s “Code of Conduct” is constructed on three standard to assure the Business is being run on a fare and transparent basis.

A. Members of GBC Family shall not be involved in any activity that would have any adverse effect on the objectives of the company Business Interests and General reputation. 

B. Members of GBC Family shall not be involved in any activity that would have any adverse effect on society and national Interest of Kingdom of Bahrain.

C. Members of GBC Family shall be working with full honesty in delivering their services and putting their efforts to contribute in company’s growth, to achieve the company objective & goals and to meet the expectations of Investors & shareholders.