GBC’s social responsibility policy is defined into two dimensions, wellbeing of Gulf Biotech Employees and external stakeholders or general community around us. We are working and feel responsible for improving the lives of individuals and collectively the society we are living in. Gulf Biotech establish the standard, code of conduct, market ethics and general guidelines for each action which need to be taken on behalf of Gulf Biotech. In addition to that, Gulf Biotech strictly follows environment protection policy. It is not only applicable internally but also applicable on our suppliers as one of the main criteria to become a qualified vendor of Gulf Biotech.

Gulf Biotech Company is a socially responsible company, we take initiative for the wellbeing of Gulf Biotech employees. We always encourage to create a healthy corporate culture, a tension and stress free working environment. We apply and follow national and international standards. We designed a well-defined system to run the corporate with unconditional follow up of our values and ethics.

We creates Jobs and gather best talent and best brains, creates opportunities and provide a platform to prove their skills and knowledge.

The Gulf Biotech Corporate Social Responsibility.

•             Recruitment of fresh graduated, Provide training programs and internships & achieve the highest rates of Bahrainisation .

•             Conduct medical camps and support awareness programs, Support and stimulate GBC members to participate in national events such as sports events, volunteer for environmental protection events.

•             Protecting the environment by reducing pollution, Recycling, Contribution to agriculture as tree planting.

We strictly follow environment protection policy.

We support the community in Bahrain, conduct free medical camps and patients awareness programs

We meet all applicable legal and regulatory requirement in Kingdom of Bahrain and overseas as well as where ever we register and supply our products.

We establish open and direct communications with our clients in order to pass clear and updated information about our company and products.