Bahrain is the heart of Gulf, it is ideally located where Saudi Arabia is in west and connected through the King Fahad Causeway. Thousands of containers cross the border every day. In the north, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey are highly attractive markets, one of the main market in North, Kuwait is just on 4 hour drive through Saudi Arabia. Another causeway has been planned to link Bahrain with Qatar. UAE, Oman and Yemen are main markets located in the south side of Bahrain. There are excellent transport links, a cosmopolitan lifestyle and a business-friendly environment. The Kingdom of Bahrain offers an excellent strategic location and the most cost-effective base for doing business in the Northern Gulf with superb multimodal access by land, sea and air. The deep water Khalifa bin Salman Port and the Bahrain International airport made the Kingdom the best business destination in GCC region.

We as Bahrain Pharma experienced the most open, favorable business conditions in Bahrain and by virtue of its strategic location, Bahrain has the advantage of being an ideal gateway to the billions dollar Gulf market. A well-established business hub in the Gulf, providing the most free, open, liberal, transparent environment for businesses and communities, Bahrain has provided us the best opportunity to continue our operations in the most cost effective way.