Gulf Biotech Company has set our new commercial operating structure which actually represents the next step to strengthen our brand, enhance the value of our consumer and to create most efficient production & Supply system to deliver value to patients. Through those innovative structural setup we experienced great focus and responsiveness for our businesses. With this structure, we are able to grasp the new opportunities to enhance our business by increasing support for our existing products portfolio as well as new products. working under such highly efficient environment, in a very short time we are able to make new partnerships with key customers, entering into co-promotion agreements and investing in new technologies to add value to our core product offerings.

Gulf Biotech Company has divided its team into 4 categories:

Executive Board : Senior most Leadership and Board members are part of this team. This is a decision making body. Board members normally focus on major financial, strategic and operational decisions for the company. All technical and financial decisions are taken on the basis of company growth strategy and recommendation from T&FA Bench.

Technical and Financial advisory Bench (T&FA): Bench simply consists of All directors of the Companies. Team member are responsible for two main sectors:

     a. New Technologies and value addition for Bahrain Pharma and its customers

     b. Over all company growth associated with Technologies and key markets

Functional Leadership:  Department Heads and Managers are the part of this team. Basically this team is responsible for operational and functional cooperation to enhance the efficiency of the systems. This team basically evaluates the technical and nontechnical need to the company and on time implementation.

Core Operational Team: This team consists of all skilled staff. Core operational team’s basic function is to create the demands to customize the system if it adds value to the operations.