Gulf Biotech


Gulf Biotech stands today as one of the few distinguished well integrated pharmaceutical companies with a robust product portfolio produced out of our “state of the art” manufacturing Plant, with enviable longstanding business partnerships.

Through cost effective manufacturing capabilities, the company entered the high margin specialty generic formulations segment. In a very short span of time Gulf Biotech has evolved into a knowledge driven company manufacturing injectable formulation products. We are patient focused and have a multi-product portfolio with manufacturing facility in Bahrain.Health and well-being is our passion. We offer a broad range of affordable pharmaceutical products, ranging from antibiotics and gastro-intestinal products, to products for skin care, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and scores of other serious conditions. 

Enhancing the Quality of Life requires a holistic approach to wellness as well as a holistic approach to solutions. Beyond advancing the latest technology and methodologies, we are constantly in search of unique ways to further patient care, both through partnerships and joint research efforts.

Our Strategy

There is no such thing as an “average patient”. We want to use all the tools, channels and scientific advances at our disposal to develop a better understanding of the various expressions of a disease and embed the real needs of specific patient populations in our science and innovation process.That is why we support patient groups who provide valuable services to patient communities and understand what matters to people living with severe diseases.We believe in partnership. Our scientists collaborate with leading researchers from academia and industry to advance science and deliver the solutions patients need. Our open approach to innovation equips us to meet today’s biggest healthcare challenges


Our values include Integrity, Fairness, Honesty, Perseverance and Patient, Trust, Reputation and Business are deeply ingrained in our ways of working. We use them to make decisions and take action to ensure our commitment to quality and doing the right thing – at all times.


Gulf biotech has an unwavering commitment to patients and is building a patient-centric and customer-centric organization. Our local organizations are empowered to respond in the best way to meet patient and customer needs.

GBC management demonstrate strategic thinking, find innovative ways to serve patients, build trust with society, reinforce our reputation, and grow the business. They create an environment that inspires and enables people to collaborate and move the organization forward. They focus on our few designated priorities and deliver superior results. And they elevate the capabilities of our organization for today and the future.